Other issues in Media & Society

I visited blog of Lesanka so far. Her topic is women & media. She concern problems of women portrayal in media: objectification, appearance as sexual objects. The sources are reliable and interesting to read through.”Currents events” part well connected to such a famous topic for discussion recently- elections in the US. I would recommend her blog… Continue reading Other issues in Media & Society

My View

                                                            Introduction In the modern world, we all affected by media. The media appears as one of the most influential power in the life of a young generation.  We receive a lot of content every day from TV screens, either useful or empty, important or futile. While the children are growing up, advertising is a… Continue reading My View

For Further Research

http://healthyeatingresearch.org/research/infographic-fast-food-tv-advertising-aimed-at-kids/     Healthy Eating Research is a national program aimed at reducing risks of obesity among American children. Moreover, they are promoting healthy food for kids. The website about how fast food commercials aimed at kids and what they do towards them.  McDonald’s and Burger King regularly produce television advertising aimed at children. They are… Continue reading For Further Research

What the Experts say II

http://www.apa.org/pubs/info/reports/advertising-children.aspx   The American Psychological Association is a scientific and educational organization in the United States studies field of psychology. There is a report from the APA regarding an issue of unsorted context from TV screens. The APA tells about the programming of children’s brains and harm which advertising brings them. Children have enough knowledge of… Continue reading What the Experts say II

Negative influence of TV advertising on children

In this blog, negative effects of TV commercials on children will be discussed. At the same time, television can be entertaining and educational, can open new prospectives for children. However, they are mostly learning negative things from TV. The importance of topic due to the fact that children are not old enough to manage all content… Continue reading Negative influence of TV advertising on children

What the Experts say I

http://www.academia.edu/9929013/The_Impact_of_Television_Advertisements_on_Children_in_the_Process_of_family_purchase_decision   This educational and informative article was written by Sunita Kumar, who is an assistant professor of the  Department of Management Studies in Christ University. The article published in International Journal of Marketing and Technology. The author reveals an interesting topic of how advertisers influence purchasing power of adults through children. The author also talks… Continue reading What the Experts say I