Other issues in Media & Society

I visited blog of Lesanka so far. Her topic is women & media. She concern problems of women portrayal in media: objectification, appearance as sexual objects. The sources are reliable and interesting to read through.”Currents events” part well connected to such a famous topic for discussion recently- elections in the US.

I would recommend her blog in terms of :

— clarity of content

— simplicity, however, useful and complete enough

— nice reference about campaign “we are women,not objects” + video uploaded

I visited  blog of Diana. Her topic is negative influence of social media on our health, what is very interesting for me.

I would recommend the blog in terms of:

— perfect organization of posts and cool creative design

— TED videos are added. I found them useful!

— pretty good idea about putting prices on WI-Fi in public places. Yes, people might use the internet less:)

I visited blog of Charles. He claims that media confuses and misleads us. I like his blog in accordance with chosen topic(that very interesting and important issue).

i would recommend the blog in terms of:

— good supportive arguments to claim

— nice video conversation with Noam Chomsky provided

— some own experience provided

I visited blog of  Dominika. That’s about the negative influence of media on kids. Since we have the similar issue discussed, I agree with main points of effects of media on kids , which Dominika provided.

I would recommend the blog in terms of:

— nice choice of topic, issue of current interest

— media content provided , well developed, reliable websites for further research provided




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