Current Events I

Campaign for commercial-free childhood was created in 2000 in New York. The campaign has developed slowly and consisted of only a few activists. Later,they organized a movement with a lot of supporters in New York. The main aim of the campaign is to protect children from marketers and advertisers.  The campaign has a lot of people involved and really massive now, what allows to conduct a wide range of activities. Basically, they cover all issues of kids advertising: child obesity causes by fast food ads, school ads, toys industry commercials, sexual content in kids ads. Moreover, there is also a blog on campaign’s website, which demonstrates what concrete cases organization take into consideration.  The campaign sees kids commercials in a negative way, as well as me and try to protect  children and already got some awards for activity.

Advertising iv a very powerful force, of course, and politics use this force against each other as well. So, during elections campaign, Hillary Clinton had launched a new attack commercial against Donald Trump. Well, it is obvious that Trump was not a man with a typical behavior and acts for a president. What he said seemed contradictory and sometimes even terrible.  Clinton just used moments of his most weird speeches and showed them in advertising. However, the main message she wanted to deliver is children’s reaction. In other words, even children are able to understand the fact, that what Trump says is weird.



2 thoughts on “Current Events I

  1. To be honest I didn´t know about this advertisement Hilary Cinton did and I think it is extremely manipulative and kind of unfair to use children to put Trump into the bad light. Even though I personally think that even if she picked parts of his speeches, it is the real thing that he said all the things she put there. Do you also think it was unfair to use children in this specific advertisement?


  2. I think so. However. she just wanted to demonstrate Trump’s dumb speeches, so even kids are suprised and dissapointed. Therefore, there is still no harm to kids)


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