For Further Research

  1.     Healthy Eating Research is a national program aimed at reducing risks of obesity among American children. Moreover, they are promoting healthy food for kids. The website about how fast food commercials aimed at kids and what they do towards them.  McDonald’s and Burger King regularly produce television advertising aimed at children. They are two companies who are affected children more than others by active creating commercial campaigns with constant appearance of Happy Meal in there.  They pay children’s attention to benefits of visiting the place, such as having a toy in kid’s meal, providing a special room for a birthday party (“Fast-Food TV Advertising Aimed at Kids”, 2013). I would recommend this website to look through in accordance with clear displaying  of company’s connections with children and interesting statistics.
  2. is the web online platform for people who want to express themselves. Everyone can register and write and article or blog and post it on the website. I found interesting the article of Luka Radunovic, who is a famous blogger from Montenegro in content marketing & social media fields. I would recommend this web page according to a reasonable discussion which author offers, images, which helps to understand and feel problem better, solid statistics from different relevant American organizations.
  3.   The Guardian website is usually helpful and very informative. This web page is interesting by offering to look at advertising from the positive point of view, at the same time tell us how advertising becomes tricky with kids.  Moreover, there is parallel with advertising situation and norms in the UK, Scandinavian countries. Comparative part opens up wider prospects for studying the issue.

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