What the Experts say II

  1. http://www.apa.org/pubs/info/reports/advertising-children.aspx   The American Psychological Association is a scientific and educational organization in the United States studies field of psychology. There is a report from the APA regarding an issue of unsorted context from TV screens. The APA tells about the programming of children’s brains and harm which advertising brings them. Children have enough knowledge of the most famous cigarette and beer brands from TV and taking them as positive objects (APA Task Force, 2016). This source I found reliable and useful in accordance with cognitive and educational format.
  2. http://www.medialit.org/reading-room/sex-tv-do-all-kids-see-same-show  Center for media literacy(CML) is another educational organization. They are promoting and supporting media education on national and international levels.  They educated young people and helps them feels more professional and skillful in the century of active media culture. Jane Brown and Kim Walsh-Childers who are professors in Journalism and Mass Communication schools in the US claim that sex content on TV (movie scenes,advertising) negatively affect kids and inspire them misconceptions about sexual life. They also conduct a research among young girls about their perception of sexual context on TV.

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