Negative influence of TV advertising on children

In this blog, negative effects of TV commercials on children will be discussed. At the same time, television can be entertaining and educational, can open new prospectives for children. However, they are mostly learning negative things from TV. The importance of topic due to the fact that children are not old enough to manage all content individually,sometimes they can take things too literally from the screens.  The United States of America has been chosen for the research in accordance with weak limitations,rules and liberal regulations towards the activity of advertisers on TV comparatively other European countries. The main target is elementary school kids. The aim is to analyze different sorts of commercials blocks on TV and identify their specific effects on chosen audience. Moreover, to show how advertisers hit children’s minds, what means and tactics they use.   It also concerning behavioral changes of children and their ways of thinking. In addition, some suggestions regarding protection of children from the unsorted content of TV advertising is on the blog.


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