What the Experts say I

  1. http://www.academia.edu/9929013/The_Impact_of_Television_Advertisements_on_Children_in_the_Process_of_family_purchase_decision   This educational and informative article was written by Sunita Kumar, who is an assistant professor of the  Department of Management Studies in Christ University. The article published in International Journal of Marketing and Technology. The author reveals an interesting topic of how advertisers influence purchasing power of adults through children. The author also talks about basic concepts of TV advertising on children(Kumar,2013).
  2. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/09/07/health/kids-alcohol-ads-impact-underage-drinking/index.html   Kelly Wallace is the digital correspondent of CNN channel and she talks about how alcohol advertising affects her daughters.She claims that her daughters, who like to watch football on TV already know all brands of Amercian beer because of beer commercials  during breaks.The fact becomes even more confusing because the family does not drink alcohol(Wallace,2016). In this case, TV advertising unnecessary influences children’s brains by  providing knowledge about beer brands. Do they need to know this?  There is an article based on her discussion and opinion about what parents should do with the problem.

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